Aquamarine Room Decor! Cute Gift Idea!


Hey guys! Today I am going to share a super cute, and super easy room decor/gift idea with you. It's basically a little seashell bowl that you can decorate or leave natural. I started doing this a few years back after seeing the movie Aquamarine. One of the girls used it to hold her everyday Jewelry and I have been doing the same ever since. Not only can you use them for jewelry, but for bobby pins, loose change, paper-clips, etc... (anything you want really, within reason (size wise)). All you need is bowl-like seashells (you can buy or collect them at the beach) and a few supplies!

I think these would make the cutest DIY gift! I would decorate the shell, buy my friend/sister/mom/etc... a fun piece of jewelry that I would place in the shell and finish by wrapping it up cutely! Tutorial is below!

Types of shells: Natural, Pearl (my favorite), Beaded, Glitter, Painted, Sentimental.


Let me know if you try this out and which shell is your favorite! 
Thanks for Reading, Watching, & Following!

XOXO-Angelika =)

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