DIY: Cute & Easy Holiday Gifts!


Hey guys, so I came across a few great DIY Holiday Gift Ideas. These are super cute and easy to make plus they don't cost a fortune to make!These are perfect to give out to all your friends and family =)


How cute is this! You only need candy canes, peppermint candy, and a red box. I can't wait to give these out to my friends!


I love this idea! It's adorable! To make these you need Hershey Kisses, self adhesive googly eyes, pink felt, fishing line, ribbon, double sided tape, and scissors. Make a bunch of these cute mice to spread the holiday spirit! 


I am so excited to try this out! It looks so intricate but it's so simple to do! You will need a 3 foot length of 18 gauge gold colored craft wire, a pencil, start shaped cookie cutter, wire cutters (or scissors), 20 to 24 gauge colored lightweight wire, and a ribbon. This would be perfect to give or to hang on your tree! 


How fun is this! You can write out your own wish list, but I think it would be so cute to write a little poem or a letter to your friend. Not only would it be homemade but personalized as well! Plus it's a nice ornament! 

Click on any of the descriptions of the crafts to see the instructions! All crafts and pictures are from so check out this awesome site for more craft ideas!

What do you think of these DIY Holiday Gift Ideas! Let me know if you try these. If you know of any cute DIY gift idea please share them with me.

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