What's a Head Massager?! Best Thing Ever!


Many off you are probably asking yourself, what is a head massager? I had no idea such a contraption existed 2 years ago. I first saw it in Urban Outfitters by the brand Kirkland, it cost approx. $6. At first I was unsure about getting it because I thought how good can it be? Best $6 I have ever spent! It is also really funny looking, at first my parents thought it was a whisk (haha). My massager is over 1 year old and it's still going strong, so point # 1: It lasts long! The massager expands to "hug" your head and it feels amazing, like a tingling sensation sending shivers all the way to your toes!! I love using it! It feels good when you do yourself but feels incredible when someone else does it for you, probably because of the person's different energy and the fact that you don't know how much pressure the person is going to apply and where. I highly recommend getting a head massager, it's one of my favorite products and I will be repurchasing if need be! I think it will make a perfect holiday gift/stocking stuffer too!

Let me know if you ever tried a head massager and what you think of it!

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