Spring DIY: Color-Blocked Belt!


Hello Lovelies, today I wanted to share with you a super easy, fun, and cute DIY project that's absolutely perfect for the spring time =) Speaking of spring, I am so excited for the warm weather, the flowers blooming, and for the season's fashion! What's your favorite part of spring? I was inspired to do this DIY after coming across a fantastic blog post from the wonderful blog Studs-and-Pearls. I fell in love with the craft and had to try it out! I wanted to share it with my readers & viewers so I decided to film a step by step tutorial. I love this project because not only is it adorable but it let's you revamp and rework the belts you already own. This DIY adds the perfect pop of color to brighten up any outfit! So if your ready to spice up your old belts then watch my tutorial and check out step by step instructions from the Studs-and Pearls blog post!

Watch the tutorial here:

Step by Step Instructions: To make your own color-blocked belt you will need, any type of glue, embroidery thread in the colors of your choosing, the belt you want to revamp, and scissors.
Start by deciding where you want the design to begin, I chose to start after the last hole because I still wanted the original belt to be visible.

I began by wrapping and tying the thread in place, add 2 more knots to make sure it’s secure and start wrapping the thread around, and around, and around until you are happy with the length. You can count the number of times you wrap each section so everything is exactly precise, or you can eyeball it like I did.
Once your happy with the length, cut the thread leaving  enough behind  for you to tie it in place. Start by loosening and lifting up the last thread wrapped, and loop the end of the string underneath and tighten. Then knot it 3 times so it’s secure.

Wrap the next color you want to use around the belt right next to the previous color and tie your knots.  We don’t want the different sections to separate but to act as a continuous thread so take the leftover end of your first thread, place it in between the next color, and knot it in place so everything is connected and won’t shift around. Continue wrapping the thread around the belt until you’re happy with the length and repeat the process over again. You can use whatever and as many colors as you like and create different patterns. Have fun with this project!

I made all the colored sections similar in length, and created only a small section of black, to break up the colors, add more dimension, and create a different pattern. All the colored sections are about 1-1/2” in size and the black is approx. ½”. My color pattern is Blue, pink, black, purple, then yellow, and I repeat it until the end. Once you finish the last section and color knot it a few times so it doesn't come undone. 

I wanted the start and finish of the thread to be symmetrical so I folded the belt and ended exactly across from where I started. A little tip is if you find that your thread frays out at the ends and makes it hard to knot take a tiny amount of glue and run it through the frayed pieces to stick them back together.

Next you want to cut the ends of the thread but first make sure all the knots are secure by pulling them tight. You can leave the belt as is and be done, but to make sure the knots are extra secure and will never come undone, take a bit of glue and dot it right over the knot so it bonds. You can use regular school glue, or crazy glue, and even a clear nail polish/topcoat will do the trick. Let your glue dry and you are ready to rock your revamped color-blocked belt this spring!

Check out the Studs-and-Pearls blog post: http://www.studs-and-pearls.com/2012/01/diy-colorblock-thread-wrapped-belt.html

Let me know what you think of this DIY, If you try it out please send me a picture =) If you were to do this project what color combination would you choose?

Thanks for Reading, Watching, & Following!
XOXO-Angelika =)

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