Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Makeup Trend + My 5 Favorite Lipsticks for Spring!

Hello Lovelies! How are you all doing today? This post is going to be all about a fun spring makeup trend =) Spring this year is all about color or should I say POP of color! whether in clothes, accessories, or makeup! I love adding a pop of color to just about everything because it makes things way more fun! Do you agree? For the bold, try color-blocking which basically is color on color & looks stunning! You can go all out and color-block your outfit or incorporate a color-blocked accessory into your look. Anyways, got a little bit off topic - this post is about the pop of color! So getting back on track... adding a bright splash of color to your makeup can make all the difference. Whenever I used to think of a pop of color, my mind would instantly go to the eyes and using a fun eyeliner or eye-shadow but never to the lips, until now! I never considered myself a bright lipstick wearer and would always stick to baby pinks & nudes but recently I have been swiping on a fun color on my lips & calling it a day! I love  the fact that it's such a simple look to achieve, takes no time at all,  & looks fun, youthful, & playful!

The lips are taking center stage! (for once, right?) & we want all the attention to be on them! I think it's best to leave the eyes/face extremely simple & almost bare looking, as if your not wearing any makeup at all (awesome, right? no more spending 30 minutes doing your eye makeup in the morning!) I think applying a champagne toned eye-shadow all over the eyelid, using a light brown shade to naturally define the crease, smudging brown eyeliner on the upper lash-line, & a coat of mascara makes the perfect combination! As for the face I would use a peachy pink blush, and a bronzer to get a gorgeous sun kissed glow =) Watch my tutorial down below to see how I achieve the look & what products I use!

Now on to the main event! The Lips =)
Since it's spring the brighter the color, the better! Since the rest of our look is so simple & plain, any fun lipstick in the world (for the most part) will look perfect! So it's up to you which color you use, for spring/summer 2012 I think orange, & neon pink are perfect!

My 5 Favorite Bold/er colors to rock...
-Revlon, Siren (Orange)
-Rimmel London, Pink Blush (Neon Pink)
-Revlon, SoftShell Pink (Coral/Pink)
-Mac, Viva Glam Cyndi (Candy Red)
-Wet n' Wild, 907C (Berry)

& a recent favorite/discovery/addition to my collection...
-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, Antwerp (orange-y pink) So Pretty!!!!

What are your favorite bold lipsticks/ colors? Let me know in a comment!

The Tutorial:

What are your thoughts on this makeup trend? Bold Lips, Bare Face/Eyes? I think Yes!

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*Picture are not mine!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Caviar/MicroBead Nails!

Hello! So a new nail trend that I have been obsessed with is Caviar nails =) I am in love with how this manicure looks & I had to try it out ASAP! I had a pack of blue microbeads in my "craft box" for years & I never knew what to do with them until now... You can buy these beads in all the colors of the rainbow from any craft store such as Michaels. I am going to buy this pack: Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Microbead Set, because I love all the different colors you get and the price is reasonable. + I think it's going to be super fun to play around with different color combos, from the beads themselves & to pairing them with fun nail polish shades =) You can buy the Ciaté Caviar nail set from Sephora for $25 or get more bang out of your buck if you DIY by following the steps below =)

To get the Caviar nails follow these simple steps:

-Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails.
-Apply a coat of nail-polish to all your nails (make sure it's a thicker formula because we want the beads to become cemented in the polish so using a thin watery formula won't hold the beads for long.)

Now we are going to work with one nail at a time!
-Apply a 2nd thick coat of polish to your nail

2 options to apply the beads:
-Pour the beads from their container straight onto the wet nail & they will stick immediately.
-Pour the beads into a small bowl & place your wet nail right on top of the beads. When you lift the nail all the beads will be attached.

Clean up:
-Use your finger to get rid of any excess beads that are on the side but not attached to the polish.
-Tap your finger very gently over the beads to make sure they are all in place & to get rid of any doubling (beads that are on top of the beads but are not attached to the polish.)

-Use a top coat to seal the edges & tips of your nail since this is very chipping is most common.
-You can apply a sheer layer of topcoat over the entire nail but I find that it takes away from the cool effect so I usually skip it. (If you choose to do this step make sure it's a super sheer coat to avoid a gel-y effect.)

Keep still for up to 30 minutes to make sure everything sets and doesn't shift around. I would recommend watching a T.V show or YT videos =)

Now you have Caviar nails as well! I love how super simple & fast the process is but looks amazing, unique, & interesting! I have never received as many compliments on my nails before =)

*This is the technique that works for me!

Watch my tutorial here:

How long do they last?
This was my biggest concern with the caviar manicure, I literally thought all the beads would crumble off my nail after a few minutes! I didn't think they would last & by doing simple activities such as putting on your clothes or shoes they would fall off! Happily I was proved wrong =) This caviar manicure last's & looks good up to 3 days! Here are the pictures of the day by day progress:

After 1 day: As you can see the beads (thankfully) did not fall off! The manicure still looked perfect!

After Day 2: The manicure looked almost perfect, a few beads did fall off but it wasn't noticeable unless closely inspected!

After Day 3: I decided it was time to redo the manicure but I was still very happy with how the beads held up! They lasted for 3 days instead of 30 minutes =) 

I hope you enjoyed reading this nail post! Did you try the Caviar manicure out? If so what color combination did you use? 

As I mentioned before I am buying more microbeads so let me know if you want a updated caviar manicure post in a few weeks with me showing all the different color combos I try! 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NYC 2012 IMATS =) My Experience & Haul!

Hi!!!!! So as many of you all probably know from the flood of NYC/IMATS vlogs/hauls in your subscription boxes that IMATS took place over the weekend (April 14-15) & to sum it up in one word - it was INCREDIBLE!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? Today's post is going to be about my experience & about the cool products I picked up =)

IMATS NYC 2012 was held at PIER 94, I was so glad they changed the venue this year because last years location in Soho was way to small & the layout was a bit confusing. Pier 94 was 10X bigger which made the experience more enjoyable since you didn't feel like you were in a pack of sardines =)

When I first walked in (after waiting on a huge line at 8:30 in the morning) I got my IMATS bracelet & my jaw dropped open (not literally, lol) It felt like being in makeup heaven!!!! So many sellers, so much makeup, so many pretensions, so many amazing people... so little time! I just stood there for a few minutes taking it all in because I wanted to remember the day forever!

The first place I went to was NYX because I knew later on in the day the line would be ginormous & some products might have sold out. Having that said there was still a large line and a lot of people surrounding the stand but I would rather take that then have to stand in line for a hour later on! I bought the most products at NYX and my total came out to $27 =) I tried to control myself & only get the products I truly wanted/needed, so I'm very proud of myself! I picked up the NYX...
-Soft Matte Lip Cream (Antwerp & Istanbul)
-Powder Blush (Cinnamon)
-Eye/Eyebrow Pencil (Charcoal, Satin Blue, Purple, Teal)
-Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Clear)
-"Mood" lip gloss (Affectionate)

After NYX I went to the Jessie's Girl booth & the first 100 people to show them a coupon that JulieG713 mentioned in one of her videos got a free gift! Speaking of JulieG713 she looked so pretty and throughout the whole day she had a line of people waiting to speak to her!! Julie is such a inspiration, and I'm so happy I got to see her! The gift was amazing & so generous =) The products came in a cute little plastic replica shopping bag & inside we got...
-JulieG Nail Color (My Private Palace)
-White/Gold Eye Dust
-Creme Shadow Collection #1

Next I went to the Ardell lash stand! I was really glad Ardell was participating in IMATS this year because I really wanted to try the half lashes!! The promotion they had going on was buy 6 pairs of lashes for $15, get a free Duo Lash Adhesive & have them put on a set for you. I thought that was such a great deal since lashes can get very expensive but seeing how I rarely wear them I just got two pairs. Which lashes are your favorite?
I got the...
-Accent Lashes (301)
-Accent Lashes (305)
I also really wanted to try the Demi Whispies but they sold out really quickly =(

I was looking forward to picking up a set of Beauty Blenders (especially since I passed on them last year) I really wanted to try the famous pink sponge out because I heard so many amazing things about it & almost everyone raves about it! So... I went on a BB hunt, luckily one seller had them so I immediately snatched up a set of 2 (2 for 18, 1 for 14) because I thought I would get more bang for my buck! I'm going to start using it and testing it with different foundations so expect a review/foundation review within the next few weeks! I'm giving one to my mom as well so It'll be interesting to see what she has to say about is since she doesn't use brushes to apply her foundation! Hopefully it lives up the hype =) Did you ever try the Beauty Blender?

By this point I got everything that was on my very short list so I started to explore the other stands, all the products looks so amazing & I had to resist myself from buying everything in sight! However I did pass buy Adoro & I picked up a unique (I think) product. It's the beDazzled Hair Jewlery and I have never seen anything similar & thought it would be so fun to play around with and try! Basically you get 3 rows of hair crystals that you flat iron into your hair & they last for 3-10 days (isn't that amazing?) When I'm in the mood to bedazzle my hair I'll definitely show you how it looks! It was a impulse purchase but for $4 I couldn't pass it up!

After doing some shopping I started to spot in the sea of people (it sort of felt like the I spy game, beauty guru edition!) some of the beauty YouTube-rs I watch =) Meeting the gurus was 30% why I came to IMATS, the other 50% was for the experience & so I can say I went to NYC IMATS, and the last 20% was for the shopping! The first person I saw as previously mentioned was JulieG713, then I saw Amarixe, FleurDeForce, MissGlamorzzi, NikkiPhillipi, Enkore, JoshCollierMUA, akaydoll, beautybaby44, StrawberryElectric48, ayydubs, etc... just to name a few but plenty others as well (I include some of the pics in my IMATS Haul/Vlog video, linked below!) After meeting most of the gurus, I went to a cool presentation of Film Age Makeup! 2 makeup artists transformed a young model into a 80+ looking women, it was amazing! (I filmed a bit of it, you can watch it in my Vlog)

Kandee Johnson was going to do a Q&A session & I was set on seeing it! I waited for 30 minutes on a huge line because their were only 600 seats available. Since it was a hour long presentation and I was walking all day I really wanted to get a seat! I think I was around in the 500 point in the line so I just barely made it =) The seminar was great! Kandee is the most amazing person ever, she is so positve, has so much energy, good advice, and you just feed of her happiness! Her presentation was one of the highlights of the day =) Someone asked Kandee what her favorite products of all time are & one of the items she mentioned was Model in a Bottle! It's basically a makeup setting spray, Kandee said that the product is great for weddings because it almost waterproofs your makeup and prevents it from melting off! She also said that after running around all day in the city when it was boiling hot, her makeup still looked great! I had to check it out (I'm sure most in the audience head towards the booth later on as well!) I decided I had to try it out & for $15 I thought it was worth a shot (compared to Skindinavia & Urabn Decay it seemed like a bargain!) I'll start using it and I'll try to review it ASAP =)

By this point it was around 4:00 in the afternoon & IMATS was almost over =( Can't believe how all the good things pass by so fast! Everything was winding down & I was exhausted so sadly I had to say goodbye. It seemed like I was waiting for IMATS for months & I'm sad its over. Hopefully I get the chance to attend another IMATS in the future whether in NYC, Australia, or anywhere in between =)

Watch my IMATS HAUL/VLOG to see the products/footage =)

If your wondering if you should attend IMATS I say YES! It's such a incredible event, and if your a makeup lover you will love it! Did you ever go to IMATS before? What did you think of it? 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

April MyGlam Bag!

Hello Lovelies, I hope your all happy & healthy =) Today I am going to share what was in my April Glam Bag & my thoughts on the products! Usually I do a video showing the goodies but I decided to do a blog post instead to switch it up! Really quickly to summarize, MyGlam is a $10 monthly subscription service where each month you get 4-5 deluxe sample and/or full size products delivered right to your doorstep! Awesome right! 

The 1st thing I pulled out were these two brushes, a baby shader brush & a angled liner brush! The quality is really nice, they are both very soft & the shorter handles make them perfect travel companions =) 

Last month (March) we were sent a brush pouch and a big fluffy blending brush & I think it's cute that we got to add on to our collection with this month's glam bag. The only problem is that the magnetic closure won't stay shut when all the brushes are together =( 

The next product was a set of lashes! All the writing on the packaging was not English except the words Blue Extreme, so immediately I thought uh-oh these are contact lenses. When it comes to eyes, and putting something in and out I get very squeamish so I knew I would never use them. I opened the box and to my surprise they were lashes (big sigh of relief, lol)!

The lashes them-self look very dramatic, so I will try them when I create a look that requires a strong set of lashes. Now I'm not a expert in eye lashes since I don't wear them often, however compared to my other sets these seem very course and plastic-y. Hopefully when on they will blend nicely with my natural lashes, but I'll keep you updated!

The next product is a DermStore Lip Quench that claims to give thin, dry lips a fuller, smoother, hydrated appearance. 

The product inside is very thick and a little hard to squeeze out but that's not a flaw, just an observation. I quite like this lip balm, the consistency is very gel-y (reminds me of Mac's Tender-tones). The scent is pleasant as well, I can't pinpoint it but its fruity & smells like strawberries but not quite. 

There's shimmer in the balm so I was worried it would look frosty on the lips, happily surprised the shimmer is not obvious or obnoxious, instead it leaves the lips with a nice healthy shine. I was expecting the product to be plumping since it advertises to give the appearance of  fuller lips, but it's not at all. I do think the claims are true, the fuller look comes from the lips being hydrated and from the nice sheen the balm provides & it does feels very pleasant/smooth when on. The balm is a pretty light pink shade but it does not add color to the lips, if it does it's very subtle & blends in nicely with your natural lip color! So, first impressions I really like it =)

The last product is a mini Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Perversion which is a very dark non-shimmer black! I love the Urban Decay eyeliners, they are so smooth & creamy, easy to apply & blend! But when they set, they stay put until you take them off! I was very excited to see this in my bag & I can't wait to start using it! 

So that brings me to the end of the April Glam Bag =) I hope you enjoyed seeing what was included in this month's bag! Let me know if you are subscribed to MyGlam & what you thought of your bag this month (definitely an improvement over last month!) 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Effie Trinket: Ombre Nails & Lips!

So while watching the Hunger Games I fell in love with Effie Trinket's ombre nails and lips! I couldn't stop gawking at the fun & different capitol fashion! Which of Effie's looks was your favorite? After the movie was over I was still thinking about Effie's fabulous fuchsia/gold ombre nails and lips! I had to try to try to recreate the look ASAP. I loved the way it came out and I wanted to share my take on the look with you guys, hence this blog post/video tutorial! 

In the tutorial I show you how to recreate Effie's amazing Nails exactly, and how you can tweak the style to fit your personality by switching up the topcoats and by trying different color combinations. I always love options!

Color pairings:
-Fuchsia & Gold  
-Coral & Rose Gold
-Light Blue & Silver
For all pairing either finish the look with a clear or glitter topcoat (I personally love a sheer layer of small holographic glitter)  Which color combo would you choose?

I also show you how I go about getting her fierce fuchsia/gold lips using a eye-shadow!!!! 

Color pairings:
-Fuchsia & Gold
-Pink & Copper 

Would you rock these lips? If so would you go all out or tame it down with same a darker and lighter lipstick pairing? 

Watch the tutorial here: 

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