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Hello Lovelies, I hope your all happy & healthy =) Today I am going to share what was in my April Glam Bag & my thoughts on the products! Usually I do a video showing the goodies but I decided to do a blog post instead to switch it up! Really quickly to summarize, MyGlam is a $10 monthly subscription service where each month you get 4-5 deluxe sample and/or full size products delivered right to your doorstep! Awesome right! 

The 1st thing I pulled out were these two brushes, a baby shader brush & a angled liner brush! The quality is really nice, they are both very soft & the shorter handles make them perfect travel companions =) 

Last month (March) we were sent a brush pouch and a big fluffy blending brush & I think it's cute that we got to add on to our collection with this month's glam bag. The only problem is that the magnetic closure won't stay shut when all the brushes are together =( 

The next product was a set of lashes! All the writing on the packaging was not English except the words Blue Extreme, so immediately I thought uh-oh these are contact lenses. When it comes to eyes, and putting something in and out I get very squeamish so I knew I would never use them. I opened the box and to my surprise they were lashes (big sigh of relief, lol)!

The lashes them-self look very dramatic, so I will try them when I create a look that requires a strong set of lashes. Now I'm not a expert in eye lashes since I don't wear them often, however compared to my other sets these seem very course and plastic-y. Hopefully when on they will blend nicely with my natural lashes, but I'll keep you updated!

The next product is a DermStore Lip Quench that claims to give thin, dry lips a fuller, smoother, hydrated appearance. 

The product inside is very thick and a little hard to squeeze out but that's not a flaw, just an observation. I quite like this lip balm, the consistency is very gel-y (reminds me of Mac's Tender-tones). The scent is pleasant as well, I can't pinpoint it but its fruity & smells like strawberries but not quite. 

There's shimmer in the balm so I was worried it would look frosty on the lips, happily surprised the shimmer is not obvious or obnoxious, instead it leaves the lips with a nice healthy shine. I was expecting the product to be plumping since it advertises to give the appearance of  fuller lips, but it's not at all. I do think the claims are true, the fuller look comes from the lips being hydrated and from the nice sheen the balm provides & it does feels very pleasant/smooth when on. The balm is a pretty light pink shade but it does not add color to the lips, if it does it's very subtle & blends in nicely with your natural lip color! So, first impressions I really like it =)

The last product is a mini Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Perversion which is a very dark non-shimmer black! I love the Urban Decay eyeliners, they are so smooth & creamy, easy to apply & blend! But when they set, they stay put until you take them off! I was very excited to see this in my bag & I can't wait to start using it! 

So that brings me to the end of the April Glam Bag =) I hope you enjoyed seeing what was included in this month's bag! Let me know if you are subscribed to MyGlam & what you thought of your bag this month (definitely an improvement over last month!) 

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