Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blue Ombre Nails For Summer! Easy Nail Tutorial =)

Hi!!! So besides from color blocking another trend that I am obsessed with is anything ombre =) I think it looks so cool & I love the different variations of color/ gradient effect! Recently I did my nails like this:

I loved the way my nails came out so I had to share it with you guys =) The design looks so cool but it is extremely easy to achieve! I decided to do a blue ombre look because blue is my favorite color but this technique will work with any colors you wish from an orange ombre, to pink, to purple, even rainbow will look really cool (to incorporate another summer trend try it with neon colors, I bet that will look amazing as well!)

To see how easy it is to achieve this fun nail art watch my tutorial or check out the step by step instructions below:

What you will need:
-Makeup Sponge
-Base Coat
-3 nail polish shades in the same color family
-Clear or Glitter topcoat
-Approx. 15 min

The colors I used:
-Seche Base (Ridge Filling Base Coat)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Pacific Blue)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Blu me away)
-Essie (Mint Candy Apple)
-Wet n' Wild (Kaleidoscope)

Step By Step (written out)
1.Like always apply a base coat to prep your nails.
2.Take the darkest color that you are using, mine is a beautiful royal blue by Sally Hansen in the shade Pacific Blue & apply it to your entire nail until you get a opaque and even color. Let your nails completely dry before moving on to the next step.
3.To create the ombre effect take your 2nd darkest color I am using another Sally Hansen polish in the shade Blu Me Away as well as a makeup sponge. Apply the polish to the tip of the sponge and start stippling it on the nail, you want to go 2/3 way up making sure you don’t entirely cover the 1st shade. Stipple the color on in thin sheer layers to get nice opaque coverage.
4.After the 2nd color dries, move on to your last and lightest shade, I decided to use my favorite mint color by essie in Mint candy Apple! Once again apply the polish to the edge of your sponge and begin stippling it on the nail but this time we are only going to apply the color on the tips or last 1/3 section.
5. Finish the design by applying a clear or fine holographic glitter topcoat. The one I’m using is by Wet n’ Wild in Kaleidoscopic, and I love using a glitter polish with this design because it hides the imperfections and gives the nails a cohesive look.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial/look in a comment! If you were to try this design out what colors would you pick? =) 

Thank you so much for Reading & Watching =)
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas! Gift Guide!

Hey Guys =) If you live in the U.S Mother's Day is on Sunday! If your short on ideas & you didn't buy/make anything yet read this post & hopefully you'll get a few ideas! Mother's Day isn't about getting your mom something expensive and luxurious, at the end of the day it's the though, & spending time with her is what counts! Keep reading to see my handmade, store bought, & food ideas, as well as to see what I got my Mom this year!

-A beautiful Card! I always make my mom a card instead of buying one at the drugstore, I feel as if it's more personal and heartwarming since your taking the time to make it! One of the pros of making your own card is that you can get as creative as you want! This is the card I made my mom this year...

 I bought a pack of cardboard flowers cutouts and I wrote "Happy Mother's Day! Your the Best Mom in the World!" (Translated from Polish) I then decorated it with paper flowers and craft pearls! Everything can be easily found at a craft store.

-A coupon book! It's a oldie but a goodie =) Fill it up with redeemable chores, etc... that your willing to do (outside of your normal chores) trade in. Whenever I make one I always like to include things like: I'll give you a mani/pedi, a massage, I'll treat you to a movie, I'll do your makeup, cook dinner, etc.. you can include whatever you wish but be creative! I would take colorful construction paper, cut it to size, write out the coupons, decorate each page with stickers, glitter, gems, etc, then finish off by hole punching the sides and tying a ribbon to hold the pages together! 

-A card/book stating all the reasons why you love your mom! I did this last year for my Dad's birthday and he loved it! I took a huge poster board, folded it in half, decorated the cover, than inside for each year of his life I wrote a reason why I loved him =) It was fun to make, cost next to nothing, but it was from the heart! 

-A Jewelry Box! Which mom/women/girl doesn't like jewelry? So why not give her a beautiful customized jewelry box =) You can find a plain wooden box in almost any craft store for under $5! Buy some paint, glitter, rhinestones & decorate away!! I guarantee your mom will love it, I have made my mom countless jewelry boxes throughout the years and not only are they super fun to make but really cute as well! Little tip if your doing this, get a piece of felt ($1) and line the inside of the box to make it feel extra luxurious! 

This is the jewelry box I made last year! It's a small heart box which I painted & covered in polka dots! The flower on top is made out of clay! 

-Seashell & Pearl Jewelry Bowls! Check out my DIY tutorial on how to make this amazing present =) They are the perfect everyday jewelry holders & are so simple to make! 

Watch the Tutorial:

Store Bought!
-A beautiful mug & a can of high quality tea or coffee! My mom loves drinking tea (as do I) so a few years ago I bought her a pretty mug and a tin of tea in a fun flavor =) I got it in Barnes and Noble but you can find a mug & tea anywhere. Wrap it beautifully & you have a cute gift!
-Luxurious Bath Items! Mom's can be so busy worrying about everyone else that they forget about themselves. Give your mom a reason to relax and have a little "me time" with a dreamy bath experience! This is when Lush, Sabon, & other similar stores are your BFF! Make her a cute gift basket filled with goodies =) From Lush I would recommend getting a Bath Bomb, Bubble Bar, & Massage Bar! From Sabon (which is one of my mom's favorite store) I would suggest getting the Sea Salt Scrub (both mine and my mom's fave) and the massage oil (my mom's pick!) 

-A makeup product from her favorite brand! My mom adores Chanel makeup, so whenever a special occasion comes around I usually stop by the Chanel counter or store to see if anything catches my eye! Buying high end makeup can be expensive but I'm not saying to buy a ton of products, maybe just a lip gloss ($29) or lipstick ($32) Getting one item that you know your mom will love won't break the bank but it will still be a luxurious present! 

-Perfume Sampler Set! Scents are such a personal thing so unless you know that your mom will love the scent don't buy it! Instead get a perfume sampler set =) Your giving the her a few samples to test out & a coupon redeemable for the full size bottle of the scent she falls in love with!You can get a perfume set for under $50 from stores such as Sephora!
-A Spa Gift Certificate! Treat your mom to a fun day at the spa =) Let her relax and unwind while she gets a heavenly massage, or invigorating facial, etc! 

-Breakfast in Bed! Your mom will love staying in bed and being served a wonderful homemade meal! Make her favorite breakfast food, include some fresh squeezed juice, some chocolate covered strawberries, & a flower! She will love the effort & the special treatment =)

-Unique apple pie! Make this classic dessert with a twist! (Found this idea on pintrest & I love it!) Your mom will love the unique idea + it'll taste amazing! 

-Restaurant! Take your mom out to her favorite restaurant! She will love the fact that she doesn't have to cook =) The food will be perfect & You can spend the day together! Take her out shopping before or after as well or just stroll the city/beach/park together enjoying each others company =)

-Chocolate Chip stuffed Raspberries?! Also found this idea on pintrest (love pintrest) It's so simple, yet I think it would taste fantastic! If not raspberries, classic chocolate covered strawberries dipped into coconut shavings or sprinkles/ etc... would be the perfect alternative =) Or you can do both! Yum! 

What I got my Mom for Mother's Day 2012!
This year I made my mom a card (picture above) & I purchased a Chanel lip gloss from their new summer collection! My mom has been obsessed with orange, she loves lip products, & Chanel, so when I spotted this limited edition Chanel orange lip gloss (in the shade Calypso) I immediately knew it was the perfect present! 

What are you getting your Mom for Mother's Day this year? What was your favorite present you gave her in the past? Did you get any ideas from this blog post?

*These gifts aren't only for Mother's Day but are ideal for birthdays, special occasions, etc... as well!

Thank you so much for Reading, & Watching the tutorial!
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*Some Pictures are not Mine!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nailed It: My Favorite Spring Manicure! Turquoise & Coral!

Hi!!! I have another Nailed It post for you today, I have been loving this color combination lately & had to share it with you guys =) As you can tell by the pictures & you probably don't need my explanation but I'm going to type it out anyway, I think Turquoise & Coral look amazing paired together =) For a extremely simple manicure I use the coral as a accent nail, but you can pair any 2 colors you wish whether it's green & yellow, or purple & pink, etc... Speaking (typing) of color combos share your favorite pairing with me! If you want more fun but easy nail art ideas check out my: ColorBlock your Nails for Spring where I show you 10 nail designs in 1 video =)

The nail polish I used for this manicure:
-Mint: Essie (Turquoise & Caicos)
-Coral: Sally Hanson (Coral Reef)

Watch the Tutorial:

What are your favorite spring nail polish colors & combos? Do you like the way Turquoise & Coral look paired together?

Thank you so much for Reading & Watching =)
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nailed It: Galaxy Nails!

Hi Lovelies! If your obsessed with nail art you probably heard of Galaxy Nails! Here's my take on this awesome nail trend =) Hint - I love it & I'm sure you will too! XO

You want to start off with a dark base, I decided to use the darkest color of all... Black! 
I used Sinful Colors (Black on Black)

Next choose 2 or more fun bright colors to make up your galaxy, I picked Mint, Hot Pink, & Navy Blue (to help with the blending!)

The colors I used...
Mint- Essie (Mint Candy Apple) 
Pink- Rimmel London (Posh Pink) 
Navy Blue- Rimmel London (Midnight Blue)

Application: You want to stipple the colors in thin layers onto the nail with a cosmetic wedge sponge. Apply the nail polish color right onto the tip of the sponge and start stippling! I began with the Navy Blue to get more of a starry night background, then used the mint, hot pink, and mint again =) You want to place the colors in random places & don't worry about making all nails look exactly the same because you want each nail to be different and unique! There is no set formula for the order to apply the colors just make sure they blend into each other nicely without any obvious cutoff points. 

Once you finish stippling, your nails won't look amazing. The stippling effect leaves the polish looking matte and dull but never fear because this next step is literally going to transform the nails and make the galaxy come to life! All you need is a glitter polish! I decided to use a flakie first and glitter second to get a cooler effect. The flakie gave the nails a gorgeous duochrome look making the color shift from orange to green in different lights & then I dotted a glitter polish in random spots to complete the galaxy! Lastly apply your top coat to seal in the manicure & we are done!

I used:
Flakie: Essie - (Shine of the Times)
Glitter: NYC - (105A)

I think Galaxy Nails look amazing, I couldn't stop staring at my nails and I received tons of compliments =)  Definitely try this technique out,  play around with the colors, and rock the manicure! I'm sure you will adore it as much as I do! 

Thank you so much for reading! Did you ever try out the Galaxy nail trend? Did you like it? If you try it out after reading this post please send me pictures via my email, twitter, YT, & FB =) I would love to see how yours turn out! 

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