Blue Ombre Nails For Summer! Easy Nail Tutorial =)


Hi!!! So besides from color blocking another trend that I am obsessed with is anything ombre =) I think it looks so cool & I love the different variations of color/ gradient effect! Recently I did my nails like this:

I loved the way my nails came out so I had to share it with you guys =) The design looks so cool but it is extremely easy to achieve! I decided to do a blue ombre look because blue is my favorite color but this technique will work with any colors you wish from an orange ombre, to pink, to purple, even rainbow will look really cool (to incorporate another summer trend try it with neon colors, I bet that will look amazing as well!)

To see how easy it is to achieve this fun nail art watch my tutorial or check out the step by step instructions below:

What you will need:
-Makeup Sponge
-Base Coat
-3 nail polish shades in the same color family
-Clear or Glitter topcoat
-Approx. 15 min

The colors I used:
-Seche Base (Ridge Filling Base Coat)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Pacific Blue)
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Blu me away)
-Essie (Mint Candy Apple)
-Wet n' Wild (Kaleidoscope)

Step By Step (written out)
1.Like always apply a base coat to prep your nails.
2.Take the darkest color that you are using, mine is a beautiful royal blue by Sally Hansen in the shade Pacific Blue & apply it to your entire nail until you get a opaque and even color. Let your nails completely dry before moving on to the next step.
3.To create the ombre effect take your 2nd darkest color I am using another Sally Hansen polish in the shade Blu Me Away as well as a makeup sponge. Apply the polish to the tip of the sponge and start stippling it on the nail, you want to go 2/3 way up making sure you don’t entirely cover the 1st shade. Stipple the color on in thin sheer layers to get nice opaque coverage.
4.After the 2nd color dries, move on to your last and lightest shade, I decided to use my favorite mint color by essie in Mint candy Apple! Once again apply the polish to the edge of your sponge and begin stippling it on the nail but this time we are only going to apply the color on the tips or last 1/3 section.
5. Finish the design by applying a clear or fine holographic glitter topcoat. The one I’m using is by Wet n’ Wild in Kaleidoscopic, and I love using a glitter polish with this design because it hides the imperfections and gives the nails a cohesive look.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial/look in a comment! If you were to try this design out what colors would you pick? =) 

Thank you so much for Reading & Watching =)
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  1. Cute :)

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love this!! now following!
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  3. That is actually AMAZING!! I need to try it out!♥
    You have a great blog, I followed! Would you mind stopping by mine too?

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