Nailed It: Galaxy Nails!


Hi Lovelies! If your obsessed with nail art you probably heard of Galaxy Nails! Here's my take on this awesome nail trend =) Hint - I love it & I'm sure you will too! XO

You want to start off with a dark base, I decided to use the darkest color of all... Black! 
I used Sinful Colors (Black on Black)

Next choose 2 or more fun bright colors to make up your galaxy, I picked Mint, Hot Pink, & Navy Blue (to help with the blending!)

The colors I used...
Mint- Essie (Mint Candy Apple) 
Pink- Rimmel London (Posh Pink) 
Navy Blue- Rimmel London (Midnight Blue)

Application: You want to stipple the colors in thin layers onto the nail with a cosmetic wedge sponge. Apply the nail polish color right onto the tip of the sponge and start stippling! I began with the Navy Blue to get more of a starry night background, then used the mint, hot pink, and mint again =) You want to place the colors in random places & don't worry about making all nails look exactly the same because you want each nail to be different and unique! There is no set formula for the order to apply the colors just make sure they blend into each other nicely without any obvious cutoff points. 

Once you finish stippling, your nails won't look amazing. The stippling effect leaves the polish looking matte and dull but never fear because this next step is literally going to transform the nails and make the galaxy come to life! All you need is a glitter polish! I decided to use a flakie first and glitter second to get a cooler effect. The flakie gave the nails a gorgeous duochrome look making the color shift from orange to green in different lights & then I dotted a glitter polish in random spots to complete the galaxy! Lastly apply your top coat to seal in the manicure & we are done!

I used:
Flakie: Essie - (Shine of the Times)
Glitter: NYC - (105A)

I think Galaxy Nails look amazing, I couldn't stop staring at my nails and I received tons of compliments =)  Definitely try this technique out,  play around with the colors, and rock the manicure! I'm sure you will adore it as much as I do! 

Thank you so much for reading! Did you ever try out the Galaxy nail trend? Did you like it? If you try it out after reading this post please send me pictures via my email, twitter, YT, & FB =) I would love to see how yours turn out! 

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