Nailed It: My Favorite Spring Manicure! Turquoise & Coral!


Hi!!! I have another Nailed It post for you today, I have been loving this color combination lately & had to share it with you guys =) As you can tell by the pictures & you probably don't need my explanation but I'm going to type it out anyway, I think Turquoise & Coral look amazing paired together =) For a extremely simple manicure I use the coral as a accent nail, but you can pair any 2 colors you wish whether it's green & yellow, or purple & pink, etc... Speaking (typing) of color combos share your favorite pairing with me! If you want more fun but easy nail art ideas check out my: ColorBlock your Nails for Spring where I show you 10 nail designs in 1 video =)

The nail polish I used for this manicure:
-Mint: Essie (Turquoise & Caicos)
-Coral: Sally Hanson (Coral Reef)

Watch the Tutorial:

What are your favorite spring nail polish colors & combos? Do you like the way Turquoise & Coral look paired together?

Thank you so much for Reading & Watching =)
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