Naked Nail Polish?!


Naked Nail Polish?! When I first heard that Urban Decay was coming out with a Naked inspired nail polish set I couldn't help but be excited since I adore the Naked 1 and 2 (some of my favorite eye-shadow palettes!) The promo pictures look gorgeous however when I saw the set in-stores I was a little disappointed. You get 6 neutral polishes for $26, which seems like a pretty good deal but... the bottles are tiny (baby nail-polish size,) and from the reviews I read the formulation is not great (chips fast, goopy.) On the other hand the colors are opaque and look gorgeous on (as seen in the pic below.) The color on the ring finger looks fantastic (my favorite from the set!) 

I personally cannot give you my opinion on the quality of the polish because I did not test them out. If I do, I will update the post :-) The colors are all neutral tones and the finish ranges from glitter, metallic, cream, and shimmer. The 6 shades offered in the kit are: Hustle, Naked, Smog, Toasted, Creep, & Sidecar (all inspired by colors from the Naked eye-shadow palettes!) The original Naked palette was so popular (with good reason because it is superb) however I feel as if Urban Decay is using the fantastic best selling eye-shadows to market other sub-par products because they will sell due to the hype around the Naked products. It's a good marketing tactic, and hey, they are making $$! However I don't feel as the newly released Naked Basics and Naked Nail Set are must haves (they are nice products, but not revolutionary.) If you are a fan of neutral polish colors then check the nail set out next time your in Sephora, Ulta, or at a Urban Decay counter! I personally prefer bold, fun, bright nail colors so this product is not a must have for  me and my nail polish collection. However I must admit, I am tempted to try the kit out since I adore the Naked shadows! I am a sucker for hyped up products so we shall see...

What do you guys think of the Naked Nail Set? Did you try it out? What color do you like best? Let me know via comment or email :-D

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