Party Nails! 10 Ideas for New Years Eve :-)


Hey everyone!!!! Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful night ringing in 2013 :-D I am working on editing a fun nail art tutorial featuring 10 design ideas that are perfect for any glamourous party occasion (or for whenever you want to add a bit of sparkle into your day :-))  As you all probably know editing takes a lot of time and I am not sure if I can finish and upload by tomorrow (blame my job!!! HaHa) Anyways it is going to go up asap (better late than never) and since these designs can be used for any fun event you can refer to the video anytime of the year :-D I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of the tutorial, and since these ideas are super easy you can most likely recreate the look (just by looking at the pictures) without my explanation in the tutorial or step by step instructions :-D

I hope you like the designs as much as I do :-D
What are you going to be rocking on your nails for New Years Eve?

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