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Hi Guys, my "Nail Art using Art & Craft Supplies" video is one of my most popular uploads on YouTube so I thought I would create an accompanying blog post to share the 10 easy nail designs with my StarryEyedGlamour readers!

These 10 nail art ideas are incredibly easy and simpke to recreate using supplies you most likely already have lying around your house such as sharpies, reinforcement stickers, newspapers, and pins! All the designs look stunning and professional but are a breeze to achieve. So if you want to impress all your friends (and strangers) then give one of these manicures a try! But beware... you will receive a ton of compliments ;-)

Nail art is a form of expression, in a way it is art itself. It’s about being creative and having fun with different ideas and techniques! A little history is that in 1965 London mod followers decorated their nails with flowers using artists oil paints, in ancient Egypt women would dye their fingertips with henna, and in 600 B.C people in China would sprinkle their nails with gold and silver dust. How awesome are these facts?! It's crazy how the nail art/ beauty industry has expanded and I am very excited to see what is next to come!

Caviar/MicroBead Nails

♥ You will need, microbeads, a bowl, & nail polish
♥ Apply a coat of nail polish to all your nails
♥ Working one nail at a time apply a second thicker coat of nail polish which will act as our glue
♥ Either pour the beads from their container straight onto the wet nail and they will stick immediately or pour the beads into a small bowl and place your wet nail right on top of the beads, when you lift the nail all the beads will be attached.
♥ Gently tap the beads to make sure they are cemented in the nail polish and to remove excess beads.

Twinkling Stars

♥ You will need nail-polish, a dotting tool and star shaped glitter
♥ Start by painting your nails, I am using Essie Aruba Blue
♥ While the polish is still wet take your glitter. You can buy it in any shape you wish.
♥ Transfer a little bit of clear polish onto a paper and dip your dotting tool into the polish in order to easily pick up the star glitter.
♥ While the navy polish is still wet; place the glitter onto the nail in any pattern you choose.
♥ Use a clear topcoat to seal in the glitter and to give the nail a glossy and smooth finish

Half Moon Design using Reinforcement Stickers

♥ You will need two different colors of nail polish, reinforcement stickers, and a topcoat
♥ Paint your nails with one of the colors you selected
♥ Wait until they dry completely before moving onto the next step
♥ Take your reinforcement sticker and place it below your cuticle, the closer or further it is away from the cuticle will influence how large your half moon design will be
♥ Using your second color of nail polish paint the exposed area
♥ After a minute or two, peel off the reinforcement sticker to reveal your pretty half moon design
♥ Finish with a coat of topcoat to smooth everything out

Foil Perfection

♥ You will need silver or gold leaf foil, your nail polish, and a dotting tool
♥ Start by taking your foil and cutting it up into tiny pieces using a dotting tool
♥ The foil is very delicate, it might look similar to aluminum foil but it feels completely different.
♥ Paint your nails any background color you wish, I am using Essie In the Cab-ana,
♥ While the polish is still wet; use your dotting tool to pick up the tiny pieces of foil and to place them on the nail. You can make any pattern you wish, I think it would look really cool to do a gradient effect, but as you can see I am just placing the foil in a random order.
♥ Finish off with a layer of topcoat to seal in the foil and to give the nails a pretty shine
♥ I love the way this design turned out, it looks as if the nails are covered in flakes of silver.

Fan Brush

♥ I think this next design is awesome; you will need a few nail polishes in the colors of your choice, a fan brush, and some water
♥ Start by painting your nails a background color
♥ Next you want to take your fan brush and as you can see the bristles are full and spread out
♥ We want to clump them up a bit so we get distinct lines later on when we use the brush to paint our nails
♥ Dip the brush into water and as you can see the bristles are separated and defined which is what we want.
♥ Take your next nail polish shade, transfer it onto a piece of paper, dip the tips of the bristles into the color and swipe it over your nails to create lines
♥ Repeat the process with the other colors you have until you are happy with the result.
♥ I really like the way all the colors blend into one another.
♥ Clean up the sides of your finger with a q-tip dipped into nail polish remover
♥ As always finish off with a topcoat to get a glossy shine
♥ The brush cleans very easily, dip the bristles into nail polish remover and swipe it back and forth on a paper towel. After the nail polish is off, dip into to clean water to get rid of any residue, and it’s good as new.

Colorful Feather Nail Art

♥ You will need feathers, scissors, nail polish in the color of your choice, and a topcoat.
♥ You can either paint your nails a background color or leave them natural
♥ Select the feathers you want to use and cut them into smaller pieces
♥ Using the topcoat as glue, apply it to the area you want to attach the feather too.
♥ Place the feather onto the wet topcoat and gently tap it into place
♥ Take a pair of scissors and cut the feather to match your nail length
♥ If needed use a nail file to get rid of any harsh edges
♥ Apply a topcoat over the feather to seal in the feather and to give the nails a beautiful shine

DIY Dotting Tools & Polka Dots

♥ Dotting Tools are a nail art must have however you don’t have to buy a set because you can easily make them yourself
♥ You will need, pencils with attached erasers, and any type of pins (the size of the ends will determine the size of the dots they will create)
♥ Take the pin and stick it into the end of the eraser, you now have a dotting tool and it was incredibly simple to make!
♥ With it you will always be able to create perfect polka dots.

Polka Dot Designs

♥ I love dotted designs because they are an easy and fast way to spice up your nails
♥ Take any color of nail polish you like and transfer a small amount to a piece of paper
♥ Dip your dotting tool into the polish
♥ Start creating dotted designs, the options are endless! You can create evil eyes, flowers, patterns, and more!

Patterned Scissors/Chevron

♥ Chevron nails or chevron anything is quite popular these days. Using zig zag/ decorative craft scissors you can easily create a perfect chevron design every time.
♥ Start by painting your nails a background color of your choice and make sure the polish is completely dry before moving onto the next step
♥ To create the chevron pattern you will need zig zag scissors and some tape
♥ Take a piece of tape and cut the end piece off leaving you with a zig zag pattern on top. Line up the piece of tape against the teeth of the scissors to match the zig zag pattern which will give us the chevron shape.
♥ You can make your stripes as thick or thin as you want.
♥ Go ahead and place the zig zag tape horizontally across your nail
♥ Repeat the cutting process
♥ The amount of stripes you need will depend on your nail length!
♥ After the pieces of tape are in place take a second nail polish, just make sure it’s not too similar to your background color because we want the chevron stripes to be distinct.
♥ I am using a gorgeous holographic polish and painting it over the entire nail.
♥ Right after; peel the pieces of tape off to reveal your beautiful chevron design.
♥ Be creative and play around with the decorative scissors.
♥ I decided to play around and for this next design I am taking one piece of the zig zag tape and placing it vertically along the side of my nail. Like we did before paint the exposed area, and peel off to reveal the design.
♥ Lastly I placed the zig zag tape horizontally below my cuticle, and painted the exposed area. Peel the tape off to see your design. I like the way this one turned out, it’s a different take on the half moon manicure trend.
♥ As always apply a layer of topcoat to even everything out, and to give the nails a gorgeous finish

Metallic sharpies

♥ This design is incredibly simple; all you need is your polish and sharpies!
♥ The sharpies will act as our nail art pens and will make writing words and drawing designs really easy.
♥ Paint your nails a background color; I am using metallic sharpies so I thought the designs would stand out the best against a black background.
♥ After you paint your nails, wait for the polish to completely dry before moving on to the next step.
♥ After your nails are dry, take the sharpies and have fun creating any designs you like. I decided to create silver polka dots, write the word love, and to make gold stripes! Allow the ink to dry for a few minutes, and finish off with a topcoat to lock in the design, and you guessed it, to give the nails a pretty shine.

Newspaper Nails

♥ You will need small pieces of newspaper, white nail polish, rubbing alcohol, a topcoat
♥ Paint your nails with a white nail polish
♥ Wait until the polish is completely dry before moving onto the next step
♥ Pour the rubbing alcohol into a small container
♥ Once the white nail polish dries, dip your finger into the rubbing alcohol for approximately 5-10 seconds
♥ Immediately after take your small piece of newspaper and press it firmly onto the nail, holding it in place for approximately 10-15 seconds
♥ The ink from the newspaper will transfer onto the nail (Similar application to a temporary tattoo)
♥ Remove the newspaper to reveal your design
♥ Finish with a layer of topcoat to seal in the words which will prevent them from rubbing off, and to give the nails a glossy finish

Watch the tutorial to see the designs in actions! 

I hope this blog post and video tutorial gave you all nail-spiration and that you will try some of these designs for yourself! Let me know which design is your favorite and if you plan on trying it out yourself :-) 

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