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Warby Parker is an up and coming eye wear brand offering unique designs for affordable prices. Warby Parker has it all, everything from classic frames to the hottest trends ensuring everyone will be able to find their perfect pair. The Waterway collection  launched on August 5th and it is stunning. If you are looking for some new shades to protect your eyes or a great new pair of eyeglasses then make sure to check out the limited edition designs.

The Warby Parker Waterway Collection features 5 already popular designs (both sunglasses and eyeglasses) re-introduced in a fun color palette "of sandy shades and bluesy hues" perfect for the summertime.

The Waterway Collection was inspired by "warm coastal travels and landlocked staycations by the pool." How fabulous does that sound? The 5 silhouettes featured in the collection include the Welty, Bensen, Piper, Griffin, and Percey (Percey sunglasses & Percey eyeglasses) and the colorway for these styles is stunning! The Griffin, Benson, and Percey designs are unisex and the Welty and Piper is created for women. The eyeglasses are available with single-vision or progressive lenses, and the sunglasses are available with non-prescriptive, single-vision, or progressive lenses.

Check out the fantastic designs featured in the Warby Parker Waterway Collection. The pictures speak for themselves...

 Classic frames with a beautiful color ombre design fading from a rich slate shade to a sophisticated blue!

Over-sized tortoise frames with tasteful blue lenses!

 A modern take on a classic design available with trendy crystal clear frames!

 Modern, classy, and trendy all in one! Lucite frames with sandy sepia lenses so you can see the world from a new perspective!

Subtle cat-eye frames to show your personality! Beautiful sand/beige frames with a unique pattern that looks like liquid sand. You'll definitely stand out in these!

A beautiful design with a unique blue multicolored speckled pattern...stunning! 

The Warby Parker Waterway Collection is breathtaking. The collection is unique, well put together, and offers a design in a beautiful shade for everyone! Personally I am lusting over the Griffin sunnies, I love the over sized frames and the tortoise and blue color combination. I think the shape is very unique and  if I were a pair of glasses then I would definitely be a pair of Griffins :-)

If you are in need of a new pair of eye-wear or want a great addition to your collection then Warby Parker should be first on your list! You'll look fantastic in your new pair of glasses and you'll feel great too since Warby Parker gives a pair for every pair you buy to someone in need. Amazing, right?

Which design from the Waterway collection is your favorite?

*Images and quotes provided by Warby Parker


  1. Love Warby Parker's new collection! :-) Could you also do a blogpost on Vain Pursuits? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

    1. Me too! Warby Parker's great... The only downfall is that there are way too many pairs that I want, can't pick :-P I have never heard of Vain Pursuits. What do they do?

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