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Halloween is right around the corner so today I am going to share a day of the dead inspired sugar skull nail art design with you all that is easy to create and super adorable. Definitely a perfect addition to any costume!

☾ As always start by applying a base coat, which protects your nails, prevents staining, and helps your polish last. 

☾ For this design I am going to paint my nails black. You can choose any background color just make sure that it will compliment the other shades you use.  I recommend using either black or white so the other colors can really pop.

 While your nails dry, pick out the flower 3d fimo nail decorations you want to use. These are just thinly sliced polymer clay flowers that add a cool element to your nail art designs. If you prefer you can also create the flower design using regular nail polish, or with flower nail stickers.

☾ The flowers are going to be the eyes of the sugar skull. Attach the flowers to the nail with either a clear nail polish or with nail glue. Working one nail at a time I am placing a dollop of my polish to the area I want the eyes to be then either using tweezers or a dotting tool, pick up the flowers and place them on top of the glue. Adjust and hold down each flower for a few seconds so that you’re happy with the placement and they get a chance to adhere to the nail.

 Next we are going to work on creating the upside down heart shaped nose for our sugar skull. Take any color of polish that you wish and transfer out a bit onto a piece of paper. The easiest way I have found to create a heart is to take a dotting tool and place a dot of polish in the area you want to create the design, which in this case is below the flower eyes. Then use your dotting tool to drag out the polish in the shape of a heart. Feel free to pick up a bit more of the polish if you need help filling it in, and that’s it! Easy right?

☾ For the next step pick out a few fun, bright, nail polish colors.  Working with one color and nail at a time, transfer out a tiny amount of the polish on a paper, take a small sized dotting tool, dip it in the color and create 3 tiny dots on both sides of the heart nose which look like adorable freckles and I love how they inject the design with beautiful color. You can do whatever design you want on the side, dots, squiggly lines, or even leave it blank. This design is totally customizable so have fun making it your own.

 Next we are going to work on the area above the flower eyes, which I like to refer to as the crown of the sugar skull. This is the part you can really have fun with and do whatever you would like. You can create flowers, different patterns, play around with lines, and shapes, just let your creativity flow. I am transferring a small amount of my bright colored polishes to a piece of paper and with a dotting tool creating designs that just come to mind.  On my pinky finger I played around with dots, for my ring finger, I added a triangle to the center with a dot on each side; as for my middle finger I added 3 purples lines with a few blue dots to finish it off, for my pointer finger I created a semi circle of dots with a dot on top, and lastly for my thumb I created a beautiful flower. For my flowers I like to create a circle of polka dots, and then with a pointed edge, you can use a thin dotting tool or a toothpick, drag the polish towards the center of the polish to create a petal like shape. Finish off with a dot in the center and you have a cute flower.

☾ As for the mouth, all you need is white or black polish depending on what base color you used. Since my nails are black, I am going to take a white striper nail polish, and if you don’t have one you can also use regular white nail polish with a thin small paintbrush. So for the mouth all you need to do is draw a long horizontal line towards the bottom of your nail, and then add a few short vertical lines on top of the horizontal one we just created.

 Finish off the design with a topcoat which give the nails beautiful shine and help the design to last. 

Sugar Skull Nail Art  Youtube Tutorial:

And thats it, we all now have beautiful sugar skull nail designs! 
What are you going to dress up as this Halloween? 

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