Flash Faire Sale!


Hello Glamour Stars!

Faire Collection is having a fabulous sale that I just had to let you all know about. Everything on the website is 35% off, including sale items and their new winter collection!!! Can you say AWESOME deal? Use the code: FLASHFAIRE to take advantage of this awesome promotion which ends Monday November 3rd. Faire Collection is a brand that makes a difference while selling beautiful accessories so make sure to check them out. Everything is handmade and one of a kind which makes each item you buy that much more special. The holiday season is fast approaching so while you're buying that gorgeous *insert product name here* go ahead and pick up a little something for your friends and/or family as well. Because rocking jewelry that you can feel good about is something everybody loves!

What is in your shopping cart? Let me know all the details so we can obsess about all things pretty and shiny together!

Happy Shopping! 

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