Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fun DIY Beauty Recipes Perfect for Valentines Day

Today I am going to share three fun beauty recipes with you all that smell and look good enough to eat! Learn to make a strawberry lip scrub, chocolate face mask and face scrub, as well as a lovely rose and lavender body scrub! I love creating my own beauty products because it is a great way to save money and to avoid harsh chemicals, parabens, and preservatives. All three of these DIY beauty recipes are extremely easy to make, will help rejuvenate your skin and will leave you smelling incredible all day long! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beauty DIY: Bath Bombs

I am a huge fan of Lush bath bombs however they cost a pretty penny, so by making your own bath bombs not only will you save money and have fun, but you will know exactly what ingredients are in your bath bombs which is great especially if you are a fan of chemical free products. Plus you can have a blast customizing your bath bombs by trying out different recipes, scents, oils, colors, using different herbs, glitters, and confetti. This beauty recipe is the perfect opportunity to be creative and to have fun being a kitchen beautician!