Breaking Dawn Part 1! My Thoughts!


Guess what I just saw?! Breaking Dawn Part 1, YAY! Can you tell that I'm excited? It was really good, much better than I expected. I am a huge Twilight fan, actually it was Twilight that introduced me to the world of vampires. Before reading the books I was not a fan of vampire stories but this saga started a world wide vampire craze! Now I am equally as obsessed with Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Vampire Academy. The movie started out slow, not slow that it was boring, but slow that it was not action packed. Instead it was more romantic, filled with cute awkward Bella - Edward moments that made me smile =) The second half was more intense and the suspense kept building up until the very end. Speaking of endings, I am not happy that we have to wait a whole year to see part 2 but I liked the cut off point in the story. It ended perfectly, giving the viewer just enough of the story to not leave them clueless but not too much for them to predict the second part (unless like me you already read the books). Going off on a tangent here but even though I read the books I still enjoy watching the movies and vice versa. I like seeing the different interpretations, your mind vs. the director, as well as the experience of seeing it on the screen vs on the page. Something else I noticed, totally random but ever since I started making my videos I am noticing editing in movies and I must say they did a nice job putting this movie together! The effects, transitions and the music where perfectly placed and done. I definitely recommend this movie, a must see in my book. Let me know if you saw the movie yet, and what your thoughts are!

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