Lush Holiday Goodies =)


Hello Lovelies, I went to LUSH recently and fell in love with almost all of their holiday products! Everything smelled amazing, looked so festive, and put me in a happy mood. I only picked up a handful of products since it's still early November but I am definitely going to be getting more soon!

                                                Snow Globe Soap!
Upon entering the store I immediately headed to the soap section! They had a great selection, some old holiday favorites such as Angel's Delight, and a few new ones such as Candy Cane soap. The one I instantly fell in love with after the first whiff was Snow Globe! To me it smells like heaven! It is a very citrusy scent which I adore. I was very excited to find it because the scent is almost exactly the same as my all time favorite, holy grail body sea salt scrub from Sabon in Lemon Mint. Also how cute does it look! It's a minty blue which also happens to be one of my favorite colors! Simply put, I am in love with this soap.

                              ABOMBINABALL Bath Bomb!

After looking at all the bath bombs I decided I have to take ABOMBINABALL  home with me. It is a huge bath bomb and it smells so good! The scent is very different from anything I have smelt before due to the mix of vanilla, peppermint, and sweet orange oil. It's a very cool refreshing scent due to the peppermint but the vanilla gives it the perfect hint of sweetness! The name is so cute as well, A-Bomb-In-a-ball, very fitting not only for the carved snowman but for the fact that theirs little pellets shooting out fun colors (This is why it rattles!) Can't wait to try this one out! 

                                           Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I had to pick up Snow Fairy after regretting skipping it last year, to make up for my mistake I got the largest (600ml) size. Me and my sister are in love with this sugary scent, just by smelling it you can feel yourself getting a cavity (JK). Also stating the obvious here, IT'S PINK, super cute and fun! If your a fan of Rockstar soap you will die for this scent as well! Upon closer inspection I was happily surprised to see that their is tiny iridescent shimmer in the soap which only adds to the cuteness of the product!(It did not stay on my skin after showering, and the shimmer is only visible in the bottle). I have a feeling that this will make a great stocking stuffer!  
                                                Cinders Bath Bomb

Lastly, my shopping trip would not be complete without Cinders bath bomb!One of my all time favorite bath fizzers! The scent is incredible, very spicy, warm, sweet, and relaxing. What makes this bath bomb extra funtabulous is the fact that theirs pop rock candy in the bath-bomb which makes your water crackle just like a fireplace! Cinders is a must have and I will be sure to stock up! 

Let me know what your planning to pick up at Lush this holiday season! 


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