Happy New Year! My 2012 Resolutions!


Happy New Year!!!!! I wish you all a wonderful new year filled with love, happiness, adventure, family, health, knowledge, and success! I wanted to share my resolutions with you for the sake of sharing (let me know what your 2012 resolutions are?) and so I can glance back at this post throughout the year! I always make a huge list of resolutions which I never end up sticking to, so this year I decided to make a short list of things I truly want to accomplish and that are achievable!

Resolution 1: Exercise and eat healthy on a regular basis! For the past 4 months I have been jogging and doing my Jillian Michaels exercise DVDs. In 2012 I want to keep up and build upon my routine, try new types of exercise, and to eat healthy 90% of the time!

Resolution 2: Upload and Blog more! My dream is for my YT channel and blog to grow and become successful. I want to put out amazing videos and blog posts for you guys to enjoy consistently throughout the entire year ( and hopefully 2013 etc...)

Resolution 3: No Regrets: I want to live life without regretting my decisions, looking back at the past, and worrying about the future. I want to live life to the fullest without no regrets, I want to put myself out in the world without worrying about what others think of me, to be confident, to be my own person, and to be happy with myself at the end of the day! I want to live by one of my favorite quotes: " Dream as if you have forever, Live as if you only have today!"

I would love it if you guys can share your 2012 resolutions with me!

Have a happy & safe New Years! 2012 is our year =)

Thanks for being great & I'll see you next year!

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