February Glam Bag!!


Hello Lovelies, today I am going to share with you the products that were in my February Glam-Bag! MyGlam is a $10 monthly beauty subscription, each month in a themed bag you get 4-5 deluxe sized and/or full sized sample products, a great value! The presentation and the attention to detail of the Glam Bags is amazing and you can tell that their is so much effort that goes into each bag. If you want to get a cute present in the mail every month then sign up to MyGlam! www.myglam.com The theme this month is Valentine's Day. Your glam bag gives you everything you need to get ready for your date from makeup, to skincare, & hair! 

In my February Glam-Bag I got:
-X Out Shine Control
-NYX Roll On Shimmer (Platinum)Premier dead Sea Cinderella Mask
-NuMe $100 Gift Certificate
-Freeman Goji Berry Facial Mask
-Ghirardelli Chocolate (Valentine's Day treat =))

If you want to see and hear more about the products click the video below:

Are you signed up to MyGlam? What did you think of the February Glam-Bag?

Thank you for reading, watching, commenting, & following!
XOXO-Angelika =)

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  1. I wish they wouldn't partner with gimmicky mall-kiosk companies :( I'm fine with some drugstore brands here and there, but products people peddle you at the mall?

    and I couldn't use anything aside from the shimmer because I have sensitive, dry skin. I wish they'd have a real beauty quiz to determine who should get stuff like Proactiv