Effie Trinket: Ombre Nails & Lips!


So while watching the Hunger Games I fell in love with Effie Trinket's ombre nails and lips! I couldn't stop gawking at the fun & different capitol fashion! Which of Effie's looks was your favorite? After the movie was over I was still thinking about Effie's fabulous fuchsia/gold ombre nails and lips! I had to try to try to recreate the look ASAP. I loved the way it came out and I wanted to share my take on the look with you guys, hence this blog post/video tutorial! 

In the tutorial I show you how to recreate Effie's amazing Nails exactly, and how you can tweak the style to fit your personality by switching up the topcoats and by trying different color combinations. I always love options!

Color pairings:
-Fuchsia & Gold  
-Coral & Rose Gold
-Light Blue & Silver
For all pairing either finish the look with a clear or glitter topcoat (I personally love a sheer layer of small holographic glitter)  Which color combo would you choose?

I also show you how I go about getting her fierce fuchsia/gold lips using a eye-shadow!!!! 

Color pairings:
-Fuchsia & Gold
-Pink & Copper 

Would you rock these lips? If so would you go all out or tame it down with same a darker and lighter lipstick pairing? 

Watch the tutorial here: 

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