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The holidays can be a hectic time of the year, especially if you are a student and have to deal with finals on top of holiday shopping, and festive activities! It can drive anyone crazy so in my opinion it's a good idea to give yourself a pat on the back and reward/treat yourself for a job well done! Today I finished my holiday shopping and finals, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to unwind (you can apply these ideas to anytime of the year and not just for finals week and holiday craziness!) So without further ado, idea #1 is...

 Have a Spa Night!

I adore spa nights! Take the extra time to pamper yourself from head to toe. Light a few candles, apply a hair and face mask, and relax with your favorite magazine. I recommend the Bath and Body Works candles (especially if you can get them with the 2 for $20 deal!) These will make your room smell amazing! My favorite face mask of the moment is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask, it will draw out all the impurities from your skin, and make it feel baby smooth! (Let me know if you want a more in-depth review on the mask, because it is amazing!) Lastly the hair mask I have been loving is the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask.  It has a super thick consistency, it will nourish and revive your hair, make it feel super soft and healthy! I adore having my own spa nights!

Luxurious Mani/Pedi!

You might paint your nails a few times a week but it probably does not feel like a salon experience. I love taking the extra time every once in a while to go the extra mile in terms of a mani/pedi! Meaning I exfoliate, moisturize, massage, buff and shape my nails, and paint them a fun color. Right now I am loving Essie Aruba Blue (a beautiful shimmery royal blue shade.) As for a step by step procedure, check out my "Get Sandal Ready Feet: A How To Pedicure" video, where I show you the products I like to use and how I use them to achieve amazing at home results!

Calming Bubble Bath!

I love taking bubble baths (especially when I get to use Lush products) however it's hard to find the time to have a relaxing bath when you have a hectic schedule. Make it a mission this week to take an extra 30 minutes and have a spa worthy bubble bath! Light a few candles, get your favorite bath products ready, as-well as a fun book (optional) and RELAX! I am loving the Lush Cinders Bath Bomb, and the book I am currently reading is  Pretty Little Liars: Stunning. After your amazing bubble bath, apply a rich body moisturizer such as The Body Shop Body Butter (my favorite scent is coconut) and enjoy the rest of your night!

Movie Night!

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love movie nights! I am a huge movie buff, and watching a good movie is one of my favorite things to do (that makes Netflix my BFF.) Pick the movie you are interested in, I adore comedy, adventure, and romantic movies (all time favorite is Titanic!) Make a bowl of popcorn (or your favorite treat,) put on a pair of pj's or your favorite "comfy" lounge clothes and enjoy! Option: invite your friends over and have fun watching the movie together!

Having a little "me" time is important, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on how I like to relax and unwind after a hectic week. What do you guys like to do to treat yourself? A night out with your girlfriends? A new makeup item? Let me know in the comments so we can all share our ideas with each other :-D

Thank you so much for reading, following, and commenting!
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Happy Holidays,


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