Colorful Feather Nail Art Perfect for Summer! Easy Design Great for all Nail Lengths!


Hi Everyone! So today I have a really fun and easy feather nail tutorial to share with you! I really loved the feather extension hair trend a few years ago and in this tutorial I’m going to explain how you can incorporate feathers in your nail design! I want this blog post to be informative by featuring the technique however when it comes to the designs using the feathers I want you to be as creative as possible. You can layer the feathers to get a cool effect, only use the feather on the tips of the nails-sort of like a feather French manicure, or try different color combinations.The options are endless so have fun and incorporate this trend to fit your own style. 

Feather Accent Nail!

  •  You will need any shade of nail polish, scissors, and off course your pack of feathers. 
  • Begin by applying a base coat to prep the nails and then 2 layers of your polish; I am using China Glaze for Audrey a beautiful Tiffany box blue. 
  • As your nails are drying pick out the feather you want to use. When you selected your feather take a pair of scissors and cut off the fluffy part since we only want the pretty natural polka dot design.
  • Take a clear topcoat which is going to act as glue and apply it to where you want your feather to adhere. In my case it’s my ring finger. Immediately after place the feather over the topcoat and press the feather down gently. 
  • After the nail had a few minutes to dry trim the excess part of the feather. 
  • Lastly apply a thick layer of topcoat to give the nail a glossy finish and to seal in the feather.

I love this creative technique especially since it looks as if you took a lot of time to accomplish the unique design when in reality it only took a few minutes.

Colorful Layered Feather Design!

  • Using your scissors Cut the feathers into small pieces.
  • Working one nail at a time apply the topcoat to the area you want to place the feather.
  • Lay the feather down and gently tap it so it adheres. Have fun layering as many feathers as you want, for shorter nail lengths I recommend 3, adding more topcoat as needed.
  • You can alternate layering feathers on one nail, and using a whole feather on the next. Don't worry about covering the entire nail because I think with this it looks pretty to have your natural nail showing through. Taking your scissors, trim the excess feather to match your nail length.
  • Apply your topcoat to seal in the feather and to give the nails a beautiful glossy look.
  • If needed file your nails to get rid of any harsh edges and you are done!
Check out my tutorial to see the technique demonstrated!

I love using feather for nail art! It's different, easy, and fun! If you try this technique out please tweet me a picture because I would love to see what designs you come up with. 

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