Summer Time!


Hi guys!

Summer isn't officially here yet but it definitely feels as if its arrived in NYC! The weather reached 93 degrees Fahrenheit today and needless to say it was very hot! I love this time of year, however sweltering hot humid forecasts are on the con side of my list. Anyways there are more pros than cons about the summer time in my book and I wanted to share a few pictures that inspire and get me excited about the upcoming season!

Beautiful Sunset & Scenery 

 Colorful Flowers

Bold Lips

Beach Time!

Summer Lights

 Fun Accessories! 

Yummy Fruit!


 Bright Nails!

DIY Projects! 

 Like the seashell jewelry bowls? Check out how I made them! 

What do you love most about the summer? Let me know in a comment!

Expect a lot more summer related posts soon ;-)

Thank you for reading & following!

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