DIY Starbucks: Flavored Iced Tea Lemonade!


I am a Starbucks tea-aholic & today I am going to share how you can make your own flavored iced tea using homemade syrups and lemonade! These are refreshing, delicious, and super easy to create so give this recipe a try... but prepare to have your world rocked because once you go DIY you never go back! ;-) Enjoy ♥

Watch the video to see me make the iced tea AND/OR read the step by step instructions below :-)

♥Start by brewing a pot of tea, I am using green tea since it’s my favorite but you can use any flavor that you like, however I recommend using a mild flavor tea since you don’t want it to overpower the taste of the homemade syrup we are going to add. Go ahead and place your pot of tea in the fridge so it can chill down while we prepare the syrup and lemonade.

♥Next I am going to make a peach syrup and a strawberry blueberry syrup however you can customize it and use your favorite fruits to create a syrup that will make your taste buds sing! I am going to start by chopping up my pieces into small chunks so chop chop chop and transfer it into a pot, add a little bit of water enough to cover the bottom of the pot, a few spoonfuls of honey to add some extra sweetness, and a splash of vanilla to give it some extra flavor. Repeat process with any other fruit you are going to be using. So now we are ready to start cooking!

♥On low heat, let your fruit come to a simmer. Depending on how much fruit you have this process should take approximately 10-20 minutes. At this point the fruit smells heavenly and looks amazing as well. After a few minutes the fruit will start releasing all their delicious juices and flavor, however to help them along use a spoon to gently mash the fruit so we can get as much flavor as possible. Keep in mind that the longer you cook the fruit the thicker your syrup will be so I’m going to let the fruit simmer for a few more minutes and then we will be ready to strain the concoctions.

♥Strain the fruit to separate the liquid syrup from the pulp. Most of the juice released by the fruit transfers right into your bowl, however the fruits are still bloated with delicious flavor so using a spoon mash the fruit to extract all the liquid that was trapped inside. Transfer the syrup into a container you can store it in for future use, and place them in the fridge so the syrup can cool down.

♥Now onto the lemonade, this part is optional but I know a lot of people like this addition in their teas. I’m going to start by making a concentrated lemonade mixture which we are then later going to dilute with water. I am going to squeeze out the juice of 4 lemons, but the amount will vary depending on the size of the batch your making. Next I am going to add a few spoonfuls of honey to our lemonade and then mix it all together. Transfer the mixture into a pitcher and dilute it with water. We now have our lemonade the final component of our flavored lemonade ice teas, so all that’s left now is to put everything together and enjoy the refreshing drink.

♥First step: fill your glass with ice, next I am going to fill my cup halfway with the green tea, then I am going to add the lemonade we created, but make sure to leave some room for the syrup. And now on to the star of the show, our delicious syrup, add as many spoonfuls as you wish to get your desired flavor, add a straw and a lemon slice to top it off and all that’s left now is to sit back, relax, and enjoy every sip of your homemade flavored ice tea lemonade.

I hope you all enjoyed this post/video and are inspired to make your own homemade flavored ice tea that is healthy, and incredibly easy to whip up, also its cost effective so that’s a plus! I love the way these turned out and I will definitely be using this recipe year round. So the next time you get a craving for some Starbucks flavored tea, try making it at home first before heading out the door.

What's your favorite Starbucks drink? Mine is the Peach Green Tea, I can't get enough! #Yum

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