1920's Makeup and Hair Tutorial ~ Flapper Halloween Costume


"The parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper." -F. Scott Fitzgerald
Hi Everyone! Today’s blog post is a 1920’s, The Great Gatsby, inspired makeup and hair tutorial! Probably one of my favorite looks I have made so far! I love this time period, I find it so inspirational, and if I had the ability to travel back in time, the roaring 20’s would be my first stop! So without further ado, let’s get this party started and let our inner flapper girl come out.

The key elements of a 1920’s makeup look include porcelain skin, a deep beautiful Smokey eye, a rosy flush and dramatic bold lips! To get the unmistakable 20’s vibe you want to go all out, the more dramatic, the better. This time period was about experimentation, women were recreating society’s standards, and they were all about enhancing their beauty through the use of makeup! Unlike today makeup brands were far and few between, and women would use unconventional products to achieve their desired look. Car enamel was adapted and used as nail polish, soot and coal mixed with Vaseline as eyeliner; it’s amazing how vastly the world of makeup has developed throughout time!

~To get our porcelain perfect skin, start by applying your foundation to cover up any discoloration and to even out the skin tone. 
~With a Concealer, cover any dark circles, problem areas, and blemishes to get perfect looking sin. 
~The key element to this look is getting a powdery matte finish; use a powder pouf to apply a mattifying powder in order to get rid of any shine, and to set the foundation, and concealer.  Due to the limited lighting, movie stars would have to heavily apply their makeup in order for their features to stand out, so to get more of an authentic 20’s look, don’t be afraid to be a little more heavy handed than you normally would.

On to the eyes! We have the 20’s to thank for our beloved smokey eye! Women would heavily line their eyes to create a smoldering look! The coal or dark wax used would create a beautiful gunmetal color, so I would recommend using a mix of black, silver, and gunmetal shades to create a dramatic flapper-esque Smokey eye. 

~As always start by priming your eyelids in order to get the most out of your shadows. I used my Naked 2 palette and with a flat shader brush applied the color Verve, a beautiful silver shade to my eyelids.
~With a small dome brush, grab a medium silvery gray shade and work it into your crease. 
~With the same brush grab a gunmetal shade and focus it in the outer and inner corners of the eye, lightly blending both sides towards the center. 
~Using a beautiful duo chrome green, purple in a deep brown base (Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette) blend and go over the gunmetal shade at the inner and outer corner to give the look more dimension. This wet n’ wild shade is actually a dupe fro Mac’s club eyeshadow which fun fact was actually used in the Great Gatsby movie, after the M.U artist was inspired by the colors of a car. 
~With a angled liner brush go back to the medium silver shade and apply it to the lower lash line. 
~Next pick up the first light silver color we used on the eyelid, and line the inner part of the lower lashline to highlight and bring light into the eyes. 
~Then with the duochrome shade focus the color towards the outer corner to deepen the look and add a interesting subtle pop of color. 
~Using a large shader brush and a light cream color, blend the edges of the eye shadow to get rid of the cringe worthy harsh lines! Blending will always be your best friend! 
~Switching over to a tiny shader brush, pick up the light silver color and highlight right under the brows. 
~Now, no smokey eye would be complete without the use of Black. Using your angled liner brush apply the shadow to your upper lash line, and to the outer half of the lower lashline to deepen and smoke out the look.
~Once again take the duochrome color and go over the black on the upper lashline to further smoke out the look, and to give the shadow an interesting pop, I really love the effect of this shadow, it is so unique! 
~Using a liquid liner, line your upper lash line, creating as thick or thin of a line as you wish  and wing out your liner to really define the eyes. 
~Line the waterline with silver eyeliner! This is such a great alternative to black, it will help pull all the colors together and unlike black it won’t make your eyes appear smaller. 
~To incorporate the glitz and glamour of the 20’s, take a silvery glitter and with a tiny shader brush apply it to the inner corners, to the center of the eyelid and right under the arch of the brows for that extra sparkle. 
~Go ahead and apply your mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 
~I had to add pearls to this look so I found tiny adhesive pearls at Michaels craft store in the scrapbooking section and I thought these little pearls would be a perfect finishing touch to our Smokey eye, in my opinion, pearls and the 20’s go hand in hand, so I am placing a small pearl to both the inner and outer corner of the eye. ~Lastly apply a pair of falsies to exaggerate the lashes and our 1920’s inspired Smokey eye is complete. 

The brows in the 20’s were extremely thin, and exaggerated, they were drawn in low, angled down, and extended towards the temples. You can cover up your brows and re-draw them to fit the description, however I decided to work with my natural brows.
~I am filling them in using a eyebrow pencil, and extending the tail of the brows down towards my temples. You don’t need to re-create the 1920’s look exactly, but take bits and bobs to make it work for you and your features. Using your brow pencil, enhance any beauty spots you already have or draw a faux one in.

On to the cheeks! During the 20’s it was all about a rosy flush and glow! 
~Using a pink blush that gives your cheeks the appearance of being pinched or as if you were outside in the cold, apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend out using a angled blush brush. 
~To finish off the makeup apply a bold red or your choice of dark lipstick making sure to define and exaggerate the cupids bow!

That completes the makeup look! I adore the way it came out & how everything works together even though nowadays it would be discouraged to wear a Smokey eye with a bold lip!

Let’s move on to the hair! Use a deep waver to get these vintage looking s or finger curls! It is super easy but really helps pull the whole 1920’s look together! Grab a section of hair, starting from the top clamp the iron down, sort of like were crimping the hair, hold for a few seconds, and work your way down. 

No flapper look is complete without a be-jeweled headband, I found one at zara, and I think it is perfect for this look. You can either leave your hair down and rock these glamorous vintage waves, or take it one step further and create a faux bob! As a sign of independence, women cut their hair to short lengths during the 20’s, while a bob looks great, I was not about to chop my hair, so the perfect alternative is to create a faux bob, it is super easy and all you need is bobby pins! 

~Take a section of hair, and roll in up around your fingers like you would with a hair roller. From there you just want to bobby pin it into place, and repeat the process around your head. 
I decided to leave a few pieces of hair out to frame my face, and our faux bob is complete! Adjust your headband, apply some hairspray to hold your style in place, and you are ready to party the night away… Gatsby style!

I am so happy with the way this makeup and hair look came out! I have always wanted to do a 1920’s flapper tutorial, so I was really excited to create this look. 

To see the makeup in action check out my Great Gatsby tutorial here:

What is your favorite era/time period? 

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