❃ Fall ❃


I LOVE FALL! It's true, Fall makes my world go round!   ◯ I adore so many things about this time of year that I thought I would share my love for the season by letting you know what it is exactly that has me heads over heels in love with Autumn! ❃ 

   Fall stole my heart because...

 I  Sweater Weather
 I Pumpkin Carving
 I Fuzzy Socks
 I  Boots
 I  Halloween
 I  Falling Colorful Leaves
 I Snuggling up with a Fantastic Book
 I  A Good Cup of Tea
 I  A Delicious Cup of Hot Chocolate 
 I  Bubble Baths
 I  Fall Fashion
 I  Black Friday Shopping with Friends 
 I  Ice Skating in Central Park
 I  The Winter Village at Bryant Park
 I  Pumpkin Pies
 I  Warm, Woody/Musky Scents 
 I  Berry Lips
 I  Long Night Netflix Marathons 
 I  Pumpkin Picking
 I  the Crisp Fresh Air
 I  Burning Candles 
 I  Relaxing Walks in the Park
 I Filming Fall Tutorials 
 I the Crunch of Leaves beneath my Shoes
 I  Thanksgiving 
 I  Apple Picking
 I the Possibility of New Beginnings 
 I  Family Adventures
 I  Hot Apple Cider
 I  that Christmas is Near! 

What season makes you smile? 

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