EASY Pop Art Cartoon Halloween Makeup & Nail Art! ◈


Hi Everyone, today I have a fun Halloween tutorial for you all! Being a Pop Art Cartoon is a great quick and easy last minute costume idea that anyone can rock. It is such a cool look that you can create in less than an hour so its perfect for that last minute Halloween party!

Pop Art Cartoon Makeup!

  Start by getting a flawless base, either use your everyday foundation or one a shade lighter to get more of a cartoon like glow. Conceal any dark spots, blemishes, or problem areas, and set everything with a translucent powder to ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the Halloween festivities.

  On to the eyes, as always, prime the eyelids to make sure you get the most out of your shadows and to ensure they look just as great at the end of your fun night as they did when you first put them on.  You can use any color of the rainbow that you wish (I used green), so with a small shader brush apply the color of your choice to the eyelid using patting motions in order for the color to appear as vibrant as possible. Next I am applying a light shimmery yellow to the inner corners and under the brows to highlight the features beautifully, plus I think it looks great paired with the green shadow! 

  For this look liquid liner will be your best friend. Start my creating a cut crease, making the line as thick or thin as you wish.  After you are happy with the cut crease, use the liner to line the upper lash-line. Wing out the liner, and connect the wing to cut crease.

  Using a pencil liner, line the lower lash line to balance out the look.  With the liquid liner draw on a set of lower  twiggy esque lashes to exaggerate the look, I think this effect is awesome and such a fun way to play around with your makeup.  Finish off the eyes with mascara and if you wish a pair of falsies.

  Let’s begin adding the key features to this cartoon look. First create a tear puddle and a tear drop underneath one of the eyes. Draw the outline with a liquid liner and with a tiny brush and a blue eye shadow go ahead and fill in the outline!

  Once again with your handy liquid liner, create a dramatic brow shape and fill the brows in! Customize the shape to one that will suit your features best!

  It’s time to begin outlining our features to get that drawn in cartoon look, Using a gel liner and an angled brush draw a line along your forehead down to the temples, from there, use the liner as a contour so draw the line right under the cheekbone but don’t blend it in! We want that harsh look. And then line the jaw line. Place your lines in places you think will look best, basically you want to outline all your prominent features, so I draw a thin line down the center of the nose, around the nostrils, along the cupid’s bow, in between the brows to create that furrowed illusion, an expression associated with pop art cartoons, and then add a smaller line on one side of the nose.

  On to the lips! Traditionally pop art figures have a set of red lips, but I thought it would be fun to use a bright bold pink to make the look more youthful, plus I love the way it looks paired with the green eyes! Going back to your liner, outline the lips. Draw the lines outside of your natural lip line to make them appear bigger and fuller. And with any white liner or cream product apply it in a small rectangle like shape to the bottom lip, to fake the illusion of light bouncing off and reflecting.

  Using a large dotting tool and my NYX jumbo pencil in milk, I am going to create dots all across the face. Try to make them as symmetrical as possible, instead of placing them randomly I found it best to create rows of dots and work your way around the face. This is the step that’s going to pull your look together and give you the unmistakable pop art cartoon effect! A suggestion I have though is to use a white waterproof gel liner, or even clown makeup, the nyx jumbo pencil was too creamy and smudged really easily.

  You can style your hair any way you like for this look, but I think a fun wig is a great addition and in my opinion takes the look to the next level.

Pop Art Cartoon Nail Art!

I thought it would be a great idea to include a cartoon nail art tutorial within this pop art cartoon makeup tutorial! Since you can wear anything you like with this makeup look, creating cartoon nails will be a great addition to your pop art costume! This isn’t anything new and inventive on my part but I wanted to share the simple steps with you on how to get these awesome nails!

  As with all my nail tutorials start by applying a base coast. Pick any nail polish color your heart desires, I went for this awesome blue and paint your nails until you get an opaque even coverage, I did two coats.

  With a black striper, outline the nails just like we did with the face. You can make the border as thick or thin as you like.

  With a white striper create a close parenthesis sign, or a slight curved line towards one side of the nail. With a dotting tool, create a dot right under the line just like you would an exclamation point.

  Finish off with a top coat to prevent chipping, to give the nails a glossy finish and we are done!

Pop Art Cartoon Makeup/Nail Art    Youtube Tutorial 

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween easy costume idea makeup and nail tutorial! J Let me know what you decided you’re going to be for Halloween this year in the comments below as well as your thoughts on this tutorial! 

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