Beauty DIY: Bath Bombs


I am a huge fan of Lush bath bombs however they cost a pretty penny, so by making your own bath bombs not only will you save money and have fun, but you will know exactly what ingredients are in your bath bombs which is great especially if you are a fan of chemical free products. Plus you can have a blast customizing your bath bombs by trying out different recipes, scents, oils, colors, using different herbs, glitters, and confetti. This beauty recipe is the perfect opportunity to be creative and to have fun being a kitchen beautician!
To make your own Bath Bombs you will need:

☆ Epsom Salt
☆ Baking Soda
☆ Citric Acid
☆ Corn Starch
☆ Dead Sea Salt (optional)
☆ Essential Oil(s)
☆ Witch Hazel 
☆ Carrier Oil (I recommend Sweet Almond Oil)
☆ Food Coloring (optional) 
☆ Glitter, Dried Rosebuds, Lavender Buds, or Mint Leaves (Optional)
☆ Bath Bomb Mold (Ex: Plastic Easter Egg, Silicone Baking Mold, Traditional Bath Bomb Mold, Plastic Christmas Ornament, or a Snowball Maker)

Bath Bomb Video Tutorial 

Bath Bomb Recipe from Video Tutorial

Dry Ingredients: 

☆ 2 cups baking soda
☆ 1 cup Citric Acid
☆ 1 cup Corn Starch
☆ 1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt
☆ 1/2 cup Epsom Salt

Wet Ingredients:

☆ 1/4 cup sweet almond oil
☆ 2TBSP Witch Hazel
☆ 1TBSP Sweet Orange Essential Oil
☆ 1TSP Lavender Essential Oil
☆ Few Drops of Food Coloring 

Combine the wet ingredient with the dry ingredients. Add in one tablespoon of the wet mixture into the dry one and quickly mix everything together. You only want to add in a tiny bit of the wet ingredients at a time to minimize the chemical reaction. When liquid hits the dry mixture you will notice that it starts to fizz, which is definitely what we want in a bath bomb when we are ready to use it in our bath, however the goal for this step is to bind everything together so take your time, add in a spoon of the liquid at a time and mix it up until you get a play dough or slight wet sand consistency.

Making bath bombs is all about trial and error so use your best judgment. You might find that you need to use a little bit more or a little less liquid then I did to get your optimal bath bomb mixture however you will know that it’s ready when it starts to clump and stick together when you try to mold it. You can pour the liquid in one spoon at a time like I am or even use a spray bottle to add in the liquid mixture. You can mix all the ingredients together with a spoon, fork, spatula, whatever you like however I found a whisk to be most effective. So continue to mix the ingredients and once you get a slight damp sand like consistency, and the mixture binds together when you press it then it is ready to go. I recommend doing a test bath bomb first just to make sure you got the right liquid to dry ratio. If the mixture is too wet add in a little bit more of the dry ingredients, and if it is too dry and does not want to stick together than add in a little bit more of the wet ingredients.

Take your bath bomb mold, I used plastic Easter eggs and if you are too then break the egg apart into two separate pieces. Pack the mixture into both sides of the egg, making sure you have more than enough of the mixture in the mold; ideally you want it to be overflowing and then press both sides of the egg together until they snap into place.

Wait a few seconds, and then tap the egg lightly with a spoon to loosen the bath bomb from the mold. I found it easiest and most effective to first remove the shorter part of the egg so give it a slight squeeze to pop the mold open and then gently remove it to reveal your bath bomb. Now go ahead and do the same to the other side, if needed give the mold a few taps with your spoon and then gently take it off and yay we now have an Easter egg bath bomb! Super exciting. So now all you have to do is repeat the process: take a plastic Easter egg, tightly pack in the bath bomb mixture, snap the two Easter egg pieces together, give the shorter side of the egg a few taps, ever so lightly squeeze the mold to pop it open and gently remove it. Flip the bath bomb around, give the remaining part of the mold a few light taps if needed and then gently remove the mold to reveal your beautiful bath bomb.

Making bath bombs takes practice so don’t stress out if the first few don’t come out! If you are having trouble either add a little bit more of the mixture in order to try to bind the two sides together or start from the beginning. I found that you need to get the right balance in terms of how much of the bath bomb mixture to use. If you add too much it will be extremely difficult to remove the bath bomb from the mold, and if you use too little then your bath bomb will not hold and instead crumble out. Initially take the time to practice and you will quickly get the hang of how much mixture to use, how long to keep it in the mold, and how best to remove the mold, and you will be able to make perfect bath bombs each and every time.

Have fun with this project; play around with color combinations, try to create fun patterns, add glitter, confetti, fresh or dried herbs, I particularly love using lavender buds because they add a luxurious feel to the bath bombs but the options are endless and you can really be creative with this step. I really want to add dried rose buds to my next bath bomb batch because I think that would make for a beautiful bath experience. What’s great about these DIY beauty projects is that you have full control of how your products will turn out and you can customize your bath bombs to suit your taste as well as well as to make a beautiful personalized gift.

Once you finish making the bath bombs, place them on a plate or any flat surface and allow them to dry for a few hours, preferably overnight so they can harden and set.

After your bath bombs had enough time to strengthen you are done and are ready to take a lovely relaxing, soothing, and moisturizing bath! So save a few bath bombs for yourself, give some to your friends, and several to your family so everyone can enjoy your awesome bath creations.

I hope you all try to make your own bath bombs soon because it truly is a fun project, and if you are a bath bomb lover than this DIY will save you a lot of money, plus it means you can take a luxurious bath every night if you wish since these bath bombs are so easy to whip up. And if you do create your own bath bombs I’d love to see your beautiful creations so snap a picture and share it with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. THANK YOU FOR READING

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